A devastating earthquake has left an estimated 156 dead and over 5,500 injured in the Sichuan province. The earthquake resulted in landslides and disturbed both phone and power connections throughout the area. During one terrifying one-minute period, nearly all of the buildings in the Longmen village were reduced to rubble. 

According to the China Earthquake Administration, at least 96 of the victims are from Lushan county. The organization added that at least 19 have yet to be accounted for. The administration says the earthquake registered a 7.0, while the U.S. Geological Survey says its impact was a 6.6. The earthquake administration added that there were at least 712 aftershocks, two of which were at least a 5.0.

Relief teams organized by the Chinese Red Cross rushed to various sites to provide food, water and medicine to those in need. This disaster comes almost five years after an earthquake in the Sichuan province resulted in nearly 70,000 casualties.

[via USA Today]