Two years ago, Catherine Kieu infamously cut off her husband's penis and threw it in the garbage disposal. She used tofu to drug the man, and even turned the garbage disposal on after severing her husband's member with a 10-inch blade, you know, out of spite and all. She's finally standing trial for the crime, but so many questions remain.

The lingering question is why did Kieu, who was charged with aggravated mayhem, cut off and dispose of her husband's penis? Her attorney blamed it on mental illness:

Deputy Public Defender Frank Bittar told jurors that Kieu's traumatic childhood in war-torn Vietnam caused mental illness that bars her from a mayhem or torture conviction.

Bittar said Kieu met the victim at a gym, and after they married he subjected her to sexual and verbal abuse, and filed for divorce while they continued to live together in his Garden Grove home.

That probably won't save her. Deputy District Attorney John Christl claims Kieu stashed a voice recorder in the bedroom (where the incident occurred) and can be heard yelling "You deserve it" three times during the attack. If convicted, she could face life in prison. As for the man's penis, well, it was too mangled to be rescued.

[via Gawker]