It looks like Girls will be undergoing some major changes before production begins on the third season. According to the New York Observer, three of the show's Los Angeles-based writers will not be returning to the show for season three, as creator/star Lena Dunham has made the decision to move the writers' room to NYC, where the series is actually filmed.

The three writers who will not be returning: Lesley ArfinDeborah Schoeneman, and Steve Rubinshteyn. Though Arfin commented that the decision was completely amicable, and the only reason for it was because the three of them just couldn't make the move to NYC, the Observer suggests that the downsizing actually has more to do with "giving Ms. Dunham more control over her show."

What's more surprising, however, is actually the group of writers that are on board for season three. Dunham, Judd Apatow, Jenni KonnerBruce Eric Kaplan, Murray Miller, Paul Simms, Sarah Heyward, and, "occasionally," Dunham's parents Laurie Simmons and Carroll Dunham.

If you're not familiar, both Dunham's parents are artists, and her mother, Simmons, has previously guest-starred on Girls in addition to co-starring in Dunham's 2010 debut film, Tiny Furniture.

Girls will return for a twelve-episode third season next year.

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[via New York Observer]