Over the weekend, Eric Justin Toth—a former D.C. teacher and one of the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives—was arrested in Nicaragua. Toth, who had rented a room somewhere near Managua and was using a fake identity, was immediately deported because he entered the country illegally. 

Toth, who taught at Beauvoir Elementary School located on the Washington National Cathedral's site, was caught with a school-owned camera and disturbing pictures of a boy in 2008. The school issued a letter to parents in June 2008 explaining that a teacher had been caught with inappropriate photographs of a child, and a source tells NBC Washington that Toth also had a thumb-drive containing images of "at least" three other boys being touched inappropriately. At least one of them is believed to have been a student at Beauvoir. 

Toth was immediately fired and hadn't been seen in D.C. since, dramatically altering his appearance over time to disguise himself. He was indicted on child pornography charges and added to the Ten Most Wanted list last April. 

He'll make his return to D.C. today, where he's expected to face a judge this afternoon.

[via NBC Washington]