“Hyperlapse” may be a word you’ll soon find yourself familiar with. Hyperlapse photography combines time-lapse and sweeping camera movements all into one package. The design studio Teehan+Lax created a tool that makes a hyperlapse of the static shots within Google Street View and stitches them together to make a movie.

All you have to do is click on a starting point, pick an end point, and the tool will create a route from these locations and playback all of the screen shots along the way. If you don't feel like clicking through the Street View arrows to scope out a city or area, this might be the better option. Depending on the location, though, the movie it creates can get a little chaotic. But the tool is easy to use, so just sit back, bring out the popcorn and explore until you find the right route.

It's like taking a ride in the Google Van. Without everyone hating you. 


[Via ArsTechnica]