A reliable source tells MacDailyNews that a flurry of new products are coming. “What looks like a long pause from the outside is really a beehive of frenzied activity inside Apple; the big windup," he says. 

Whether or not that's true remains to be seen, but the rumor is certainly tantalizing. 

According to the source—who happened to tip off the site about Apple renaming its OS to iOS in 2010—says consumers should be on the lookout not just for next-gen models but entirely new product categories—"plural." 

We'll keep this categorized as a rumor for now, but as MacDailyNews points out, it might hold some water. Apparently in yesterday's earnings call, CEO Tim Cook mentioned the teams are "hard at work on some amazing new hardware and services" they hope to roll out this fall and in 2014. 

[via MacDailyNews]