From the looks of it, we can expect a season-long story arc centered around Momma Dee trying to get Erica Dixon out of the picture, with the hopes of reuniting her son, Lil’ Scrappy, with his ex special friend, Shay Johnson. You can tell Momma Dee was quite the pimp back in her day, because she was selling Shay to Scrappy something hard. You also get the idea that if she could, Momma Dee would take a field trip inside of Shay—which makes it even more uncomfortable to see such an overbearing mama interfere with her child’s love life.

Side note: Momma Dee looks and behaves exactly like “Dorinda” from the blaxploitation flick, Truck Turner. She also gives teases of a female version of Sho’nuff from The Last Dragon. No shade, of course.