Tyler Perry’s brand of comedy isn’t uncommon in pop culture but may be the most over-ruminated on. Ever since the writer/director/producer/actor/philanthropist/pitchman-of-the-millennium introduced mainstream audiences to Madea in 2005’s Diary of a Mad Black Woman, the digital space became a free-for-all for pundits and pseudo-intellectuals to criticize the unremarkable quality of his work, which tend to emphasize stereotypes. However, despite the critics, Perry is still the highest-paid man in entertainment—proof that he may be the best worst director in film history.

People who love him continue to stan, but those who despise him argue a moot point—because intellectualizing Perry’s nursery rhyme approach to filmmaking is like talking about architecture to a frog. With the Friday release of his newest project Temptation sure to add more fuel to the proverbial fire, here are 10 reasons why Tyler Perry alarmists need to Commes des Fuckdown.  

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Written by Sterrene Rhett Rocque (@GangStarrGirl)

(For Michael Arceneaux's rebuttal, please see 10 Reasons Why Tyler Perry Is the Worst.)

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