Writes At: TV Worth Watching

Though Fresh Air mainstay and college professor David Bianculli has been a television critic for years, his website, TV Worth Watching, only recently celebrated its fifth anniversary.

Founded the day the writer's strike began, TV Worth Watching has had a clear mission from the very beginning. In Bianculli's own words: "The voices and opinions we offer, from both columnists and readers, are more informed, thoughtful, and discerning than much of what you'll find out there on other pop-culture media sites. And just as the silences in symphonies help make a masterpiece, a lot of the beauty in TV Worth Watching lies in what we don't present. No Jersey Shore. No Honey Boo Boo. Our masthead slogan may as well be: 'No Kardashians.' "

In addition to coverage of House of Cards and Homeland on Bianculli's blog, you'll also find coverage of PBS and various miniseries that you won't find on blogs that are more dependent on advertiser dollars. With the principles and dusty puns that you'd expect from a college professor, Bianculli's blog is television criticism worth reading.