We don't dispute that college is a time to find yourself. Just remember that you're funding this self-finding expedition with a combination of parental savings and personal debt. Unless you want to end up writing for the Internet, selling your body at a truck stop, or doing some other similarly degrading work, we suggest that you think long and hard about exactly what field of study you will jump into.

Maybe you love nothing more than delivering monologues in the school play or hanging out at your local coffee shop musing on the nature of existence, but perhaps there are some passions that are best left buried deep within.

Instead, why not take a more sensible major and embark on the embittering, but lucrative rat race from cubicle to cubicle? Sure, the corporate ladder is awful to climb, but there is probably a motor boat and an in-ground pool at the top of it. Follow your creative impulses and the only way you'll see that boat or that pool is when you are paid to clean it.

Sure, you can do what our friends did and just go to law school after you've spent four years studying the medieval musical instruments, or you can also start making that cash right after undergrad if you avoid these 10 Most Worthless College Majors.

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