Because researching porn habits is fun, PornMD examined the most frequently-searched terms around the globe for the past six months, thus allowing everyone to compare their taste in smut to that of others. New Yorkers are pretty pedestrian, as "amateur," "college," "teen" and "MILF" were all among the norm. Gothamist mentioned their shock that "straight (gay)" appeared on the list and not "lesbian." What exactly does "straight (gay)" mean? 

Gothamist has the results, which also show that Cali has an "asian" fetish and Florida adores "creampie." Of course they do. On a national scale, "MILF" was the top term in the U.S., which makes us look pretty normal compared to the rest of the world. For example, residents of South Korea search "sh******" and "mother." 

No judgement.

[via Gothamist