Grizz Chapman is likely best known for his role as one half of Tracy Jordan's entourage, Grizz, on 30 Rock, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, now that the long-running NBC comedy is over, he has some ideas for what he'd like to be known for next.

"I'm on a never-ending quest to get back on a TV series, and I want to get on The Walking Dead," Chapman told THR. "I'm at this point now where, I have three things. I could either be on the Governor's team, I could be on Rick's team, or I could be a seven foot zombie who never dies. We could do it this season." Honestly, we'd be good with any of those options, but a seven foot zombie that never dies played by Grizz sounds completely awesome. 

Apparently, Chapman has had no contact with producers of the show, but he did chat with series star Steven Yeun at a recent filming of Saturday Night Live when Kevin Hart was hosting. "We talked about it a little bit," Chapman said. "I'm fighting to get on. I want to be a regular. [The seven foot zombie] keeps coming back."

Until then, Chapman has a few projects lined up for the near future: A pilot where he stars as a detective, a part in Jono Oliver's upcoming film Home. But seriously, AMC, make this happen.

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[via The Hollywood Reporter]