Boston College scolded a student group earlier this  month, threatening to take disciplinary action after the group handed out condoms on campus. According to the Boston Globe, a number of catholic universities across the nation—including D.C.'s Georgetown University and the Catholic University of America—are supporting Boston College's actions.

You'd think they were selling drugs:

Catholic universities across the United States say they would tell student groups distributing condoms on campus to stop and would potentially threaten disciplinary action, just as Boston ­College did earlier this month.

At BC, officials sent a letter to a student group that organized ­condom pickup spots on campus, citing the university’s mission as a Catholic institution and demanding that they cease or face possible discipline. The letter provoked ­angry reaction from some students and the local chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, which said it might pursue legal action.

Officials at Catholic colleges and universities — including the University of Notre Dame, Georgetown University, the University of Dayton, Providence College, and the Catholic University of America — said that their policies similarly do not allow students to distribute condoms on campus and that students who do so could face disciplinary ­action.

“One of the teachings of our faith is that contraception is morally unacceptable,” said ­Victor Nakas, a spokesman for Catholic University. “Since condoms are a form of contraception, we do not permit their distribution on campus.”

While frustrating, this isn't surprising. As DCist pointed out, the availability of condoms on Georgetown's campus isn't a new issue, and Catholic is convinced that single-sex dorms will stop students from having sex. Neither are a sign of the times.

[via DCist]