Considering that James Franco dropped out of UCLA in order to pursue a full-time acting career, it's actually quite admirable that he would go back to school at the height of his career in order to complete his degree. But there's "going back to school" and then there's "going back to school, Franco-style," which includes the following: re-enrolling at UCLA in 2006 and graduating two years later. Then enrolling—simultaneously—in Columbia's MFA writing program and NYU'S MFA filmmaking program, all while taking additional fiction writing classes at Brooklyn College and studying poetry at Warren Wilson College in North Carolina.

Wait, we're not done!

After earning his (multiple) graduate degrees, he began working toward his Ph.D. in English at Yale. Plus taking art classes at the Rhode Island School of Design. He was accepted into the University of Houston's prestigious doctoral program in literature, too, but ultimately declined the invitation.