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Hasbro's Save Your Token contest to decide a new Monopoly game piece ended last night and this morning a winner was announced: the cat! The internet's favorite animal beat out a guitar, a diamond ring, a helicopter, and a robot to replace the iron.

There are tons of fancy-pants editions of Monopoly out now, but we prefer the good old-fashioned classic (credit cards? Hello, using the colored money is the best part). Fans from around the world voted both on which token to retire and what one to add. The Scottie dog was the most popular, with 29% of the vote. Ok, we can see that.

The original 1935 Monopoly tokens were inspired by the niece of game creator Charles Darrow and her charm bracelet. The most recent additions (the dog and the wheelbarrow) were added in the 1950s. 

Surely the iron won't be mourned by too many people—it's the game piece your brother makes you use after all the good shit (read: race car) is taken. The cat will first appear in the game later this year.

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[via AP