Hollywood is a town of trends. One year it’s war movies; the next, comic book movies; and now it seems like the entire movie industry has its eye on board games. The trend was already attempted once in 1985 with a movie based on the game Clue, but a shoddy script and way too much Tim Curry killed that momentum before it ever really got going.

But now that Battleship is ready to hit the big screen this Friday, movie studios everywhere are sure to be eyeing the box office reports to see if there's more money to milk out of the genre. Yet, the one thing that is evident from all of the movie’s trailers and commercials is that it doesn’t actually resemble the game all that much. There are no pegs in sight, and we certainly don’t remember anyone that resembles Brooklyn Decker, or aliens, for that matter, on the game’s box. But little things like that haven’t stopped Hollywood before, and we’re sure future board game movies will barely look anything like their cardboard and dice counterparts either.

We’ve decided that we're not going to fight it, though. In fact, we won’t just embrace it, we’ll actually add to it with our own ideas for board game-inspired movies; thus, we’re presenting 10 Board Games Hollywood Should Adapt Into Movies.

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