First Appearance: Astonishing Tales #25 (1974)
Creators: Doug Moench, Rich Buckler 

There have been many versions of Deathlok over the years, but the original 1974 one remains the best. Hailing from the future (at the time, 1990), Luther Manning was a soldier from Detroit who was fatally wounded and re-animated as a cyborg. This RoboCop-like creation then dedicated his artificial life to taking down evil corporations and military complexes.

Like the Terminator, Deathlok is often found time-traveling back to the mainstream Marvel Universe to fight alongside Daredevil and Spider-Man.

The most recent incarnation of Deathlock was featured in Rick Remender’s fantastic Uncanny X-Force title. Armed to the teeth with cybernetic implants and advanced weapons, Deathlock is a ruthless side character from Marvel that deserves significantly more love from the company.