Author: Jerry Spinelli
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Stargirl is the type of book that wants to make kids feel special, in the "you laugh because I'm different, I laugh because you're all the same," way. In fact, we seem to remember some young readers wearing T-shirts with that slogan while carrying this book with them in between classes in high school.

Through the eyes of Susan, Spinelli's novel explores the fine line between being unique and finding safety in conformity. Called "Stargirl," the teenager is eccentric, compassionate, and delightfully unique. She's seen as an outcast, but sparks the interest of one upperclassman, Leo.

If you think that such an adorable girl becoming an outcast is unbelievable, we invite you to think back to yourself in high school. If a home-schooled girl showed up, in '20s flapper dresses and kimonos, you'd probably stay away from her too. Unless you'd read Stargirl, of course.