Like most PlayStation Vita owners, the prospect of a quality first-person shooter on the handheld remains one of the most tantalizing promises Sony has made about the system. However, with both Resistance: Burning Skies and Call of Duty: Black Ops - Declassified being such a lacklustre case studies in on-the-go fragging, my hope of ever seeing one has started to wane.

Enter Killzone: Mercenary, a brand-new entry in the high-fidelity franchise that’s been built from the ground up specifically for portable play. With an adapted version of the Killzone 3 engine, an impressive array of multiplayer options, and a fresh look at the Killzone universe through the eyes of an unaffiliated mercenary, the game has a lot of promise. However, even with all of this, the single-player demo the team from Guerilla Games Cambridge displayed at a special event in Los Angeles this past week revealed a myriad of design flaws that left my faith in this being the mobile shooter I’ve been waiting for shaken.

The game looks absolutely gorgeous and really puts an impressive graphical offering, but as with any gaming experience it only takes a few nagging hang-ups to detract from what would otherwise make this the game everything I wanted to be. There’s still months to go before its September 17th release date, but unless the following frustrations can get ironed out Killzone: Mercenary may very well wind up being just another well-intentioned, but woefully unfulfilled bet on the Vita being able to carry a console experience.