Sounds like somebody needs some stress weed. Cindy Adams, a gossip columnist for the New York Post, took a trip to D.C. and had nothing positive to say about it. On Friday, a column was published where she called D.C. the "District of Crapola" and compared it to Pakistan:

I drove to Washington. I now know what DC stands for. District of Crapola.

We’re talking a war zone. The approach to historic Washington, DC, is filth. If the area were a building, it would be condemned.

This is our capital. Home of the New World. Of the only world that really is. America. United States. Leader of the free world. Leader of any part of this world that really is.

Take Pakistan. I’ve been there. Its government city is a lavatory. Dirty, littered, a dump. But who cares — that’s Pakistan, right? Well, guess what. It’s the same in our government city.

That's a lot of vitriol, but she wasn't close to finished:

In DC’s outer limits, there are dregs. Broken sidewalks. In open areas around gutters, roadways, open deserted lots, it’s discarded soda cans, graffiti, syringes, rotted junk, rubber tires, strewn paper, chalk marks, cigarette butts, dog poop, empty bottles, thrown out plastic bags, open garbage, drug paraphernalia, abandoned needles, filthy rags, needles, junky clothes, broken plumbing facilities, backyards and front yards filled with detritus. Elvis alive is probably in there.

She must've had a very bad experience. But maybe if she ventured outside of her nine-room penthouse somewhere near Central Park, she'd see the world and wouldn't be so uptight. Should Adams ever return to D.C., we'd direct her to all 25 of its douchiest bars. We'd love to hear her thoughts.

[via DCist]

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