If you thought streaming a movie from your laptop to your HDTV was cool, LG is about to blow your mind. The tech giant is flaunting the first taste of wireless Ultra HD streaming at this year's Mobile World Congress. 

Wireless Ultra HD streaming is able to take any HD video from your phone and instantly upscale it to play at 4K resolution on your TV. The technology uses Wi-Fi and Miracast to project phone images onto your TV. It's also reported to be able to stream anything from shows, video games, to anything else you want to watch.

Although it’s only in the first stage of its development, this new technology may just change the way we view everything. According to The Verge, for something that is so early in the development process the technology is very smooth with only minor panning issues.

Head to The Verge to peep its hands-on video with LG's Ultra HD streaming. 

[The Verge via Gizmodo