Jenny McCarthy is returning to TV with The Jenny McCarthy Show on VH1. She began her non-Playboy career at MTV, so it sort of makes sense. 

The late-night talk show is being promoted as "a cocktail party with celebrities" and will have go-go dancers and a "hunky bottle boy serving drinks." Does McCarthy really need all the gimmicks? Even Kathie Lee and Hoda drink every morning on the Today show and Chelsea Handler serves up nighttime snark on E! Hopefully her raunchy personality will be able to shine through the distractions and set her apart from the already saturated market.

The Jenny McCarthy Show tapes in New York, but she says she'll move it to Chicago, where she lives, if it does well. VH1 is looking for an audience of "adultsters"—their term—people McCarthy's age (40) "who have to be adults because they have to work and they have kids, but they still want to party and have fun. That's so our generation: putting your kids to bed and crawling out the window and going to a club," she told SPLASH, the magazine component of the Chicago Sun-Times.

The show premieres Friday night on VH1.

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[via SPLASH]