Netflix took a gamble on their original series House of Cards, and its success could mean the end of television as we know it. Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos said at a media conference today that it's the most-watched program on Netflix.

He also said that almost all viewers who watched the pilot watched multiple episodes. Sarandos won't give any hard numbers though, because "it is a real apples-to-oranges comparison with network ratings." He also pointed out that there aren't advertisers, so their business model is a bit different. Still, it'd be interesting to see what was most-watched before and how House of Cards compares. 

Netflix has spent $100 million for two seasons of the Kevin Spacey series, but Sarandos said that they got more for their money than if they'd spent those millions aquiring other (non-original) programs.

Part two of the entire-season-streaming experiment will begin in May with a new season of Arrested Development, which we're guessing will crash the site and blow past House of Cards. Despite this, Sarandos insists that Netflix is "not trying to dismantle television."

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[via All Things D]