A man in Florida is facing a misdemeanor battery charge for striking a teenage relative with a burrito from Taco Bell. How angry do you have to be to desecrate a meal from the sacred Taco Bell like that?

36-year-old Erik Brown allegedly slapped a 16-year-old boy in the face with the burrito in Port St. Lucie back on February 15. According to the victim, he was engaged in a "verbal altercation" with Brown and his mother when Brown requested that his mother "bring him the burrito." Brown is apparently the boy's brother-in-law.

Brown reportedly hurled the burrito at the teen "with force," hitting him right in the face. Police noted that the boy had "burrito cheese, sauce and meat all over his clothing and face” when they interviewed him. Brown explained that the boy had been "disrespectful" and cursed at his mother. 

After being booked, Brown promised that he would "take care" of the boy upon his release, and not in Drake and Rihanna fashion. He added that the kid was "going to get knocked out."

[via The Smoking Gun]

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