That other British boy band that every teenage girl is obsessed with these days, The Wanted, is getting their own reality show in the states. From the guy who made the Kardashians successful, Ryan Seacrest, the series is tentatively titled The Wanted Life, and will follow the band as they move to LA to record their new album. It will also let us all know how difficult their lives are as young, rich superstars by showcasing "all the ups and downs that entails for them, their girlfriends, and their entourage." Seacrest will executive produce, as will Justin Bieber and Psy's manager, Scooter Braun.

Really, though, none of this is the main reason why this show has the potential to be interesting. Anyone who's been following recent news about Lindsay Lohan will know that she's turned into somewhat of a groupie for the band, and is more or less attached to member Max George at the hip. If this carries on, there's the slight possibility Lilo could be making some appearances as one of the mentioned "girlfriends." Seeing as she can't seem to get a role in anything other than reality television, this could be something.

Of course, there have been no official mentions of Lohan's name attached to the show. We can hope, though, for her sake; the mighty have fallen, but a paycheck is a paycheck.

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[via Deadline]


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