Breaking Bad is certainly in a league of its own, but this real-life account would make for an interesting story. A former Georgetown University law student has been sentenced to four years in prison for peddling meth. Marc Gersen, 31, reportedly traveled from back and forth from California to D.C. to organize meth shipments.

According to authorities, Gersen sold meth in quantities from an ounce to half a pound, and a pound can cost as much as $26,000, so you can imagine the type of business he was doing. Police raided his Dupont Circle apartment in November 2011 while he was visitng family in Florida and found $3,000 in cash and the chemicals necessary to produce meth. No fancy lab for this guy.

He was arrested a few days later outside of Dupont's Beacon Hotel, where he was caught red-handed packaging crystal meth. The Washington Post says that Gersen attended Georgetown as an undergrad, then won a scholarship to study economics at U.C. Berkeley before returning to Georgetown to study law. At the time of his arrest, he was in his second year at Georgetown Law and had a 3.48 GPA.

In court this week, he explained to a judge that he began using drugs for recreational purposes before transforming into an addict and amateur Heisenberg. After serving his four years at a Florida prison camp, he'll be on three years of probation, will have to complete 400 hours of community service and cough up $120,000.

Who's gonna save his soul?

[via DCist]