Speedrunner CosmoWright is currently in the middle of a The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker speedrun, something he's attempted before (and it shows in his ability to easily exploit the game—just watch for a few minutes to see what we mean).

Speedruns of old Nintendo games were all the rage in 2012, and it looks like 2013 will keep that trend going.

This Cosmo guy is clearly an experienced speedrunner. He co-founded SpeedRunsLive, and there are over 10,000 people watching him play Wind Waker right now. You can even donate some money if you'd like. And we though our jobs were cool.

How quickly can you beat Wind Waker? Cosmo's best is four hours, forty minutes on the Japanese version with the Tingle Tuner (an optional addition that requires a Game Boy Advance connection). On the other hand, I think we did it in 20 hours one time.

[via neoGAF]