With Michael Fassbender attached to star in an Assassin’s Creed flick and Tom Hardy set to appear in a Splinter Cell adaptation, Ubisoft is looking to make the jump from video game developer to movie studio with a pair of potential blockbusters. But the company isn’t done quite yet, because in a feature article from The Los Angeles Times on Jean-Julien Baronnet, the chief executive of Ubisoft Motion Pictures, it was revealed that the game publisher is currently preparing a pitch to studios for a movie based on its Ghost Recon series.

Like the game, the movie will focus on an elite special operations military squad; however, no other details were divulged. Between full games and expansion packs, the Ghost Recon franchise has over 10 releases, most of which were met with critical praise. This project is in the very early stages of development, obviously, but we’ll be sure to update you once any further details surface.

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[The Los Angeles Times via JoBlo]