As Marvel gears up for its post-Avengers block of movies, most of the attention is being given to Iron Man 3, which makes sense being that the character is the most successful solo act that the studio has pumped out so far. But people forget that in 2014 Captain America: The Winter Soldier will hit theaters, with Chris Evans again wielding the shield without the help of Earth’s mightiest heroes. And in a brief video interview with the blog HeyUGuys, Toby Jones confirmed that he will be reprising his role as Arnim Zola in the sequel.

In the original, Jones was basically a background character who served as a scientist for the Red Skull’s shenanigans, but it was a small part that lacked an impact on the overall plot. However, with how prominent Zola has become in the comics over the past few years, and how involved he was in the original “Winter Soldier” storyline, it’s not a stretch to imagine that Jones could have a much bigger role in the sequel.

Of course, Zola eventually turns into a mountainous robot with his consciousness transferred into it in the comics, so it will be interesting to see if directors Anthony and Joe Russo go in that direction, or if they just relegate Zola to flashbacks from WWII. We'll see as production on the movie begins to come together. 

Captain America: The Winter Soldier will be in theaters on April 4, 2014.

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