What you bump in the car could affect how you drive. 

That's according to Dr. Simon Moore, a London Metropolitan University psychologist, who with help from Confused.com, the guys behind the free MotorMate app, did a little experiment to find out just how music affects our driving behavior.

Four females and four males each drove 250 miles listening to an upbeat playlist. Then they drove another 250 miles listening to a playlist that was slightly more chill. Eventually, Moore concluded that the safest music tempo should mimic the human heartbeat at 60 to 80 beats per minute, with a volume that falls between 55 to 65 decibels. 

So what heavenly music might fit this criteria? 

Coldplay. Especially "The Scientist." 

According to Mashable, Moore cautioned against playing upbeat music while you drive, as it could ramp up your heartbeat and risk of an accident. He prefers easy listening like Norah Jones and Jason Mraz, whose tunes are included in Confused.com's safe-driving playlist

[via Mashable]