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From Google’s new voice control to the NRA’s shocking new app, this week’s tech news is nothing short of astonishing. You can find the most talked about news here, at The Feed.


Google Chrome to Support Voice Control, Google is giving in and finally dabbling in the addition of voice control to enhance how people interact with the search engine. (1/14)

The NRA Just Released a New Shooting App For Kids, Just a month after the Sandy Hook shooting tragedy the NRA released a target shooting app for kids as young as 4. (1/14)

OkCupid Launches ‘Crazy Blind Date’ App For Lonely Masses, OkCupid diminishes the back-and-forth associated with Internet dating and picks your match for you based on mutual availability. The best part? It’s free. (1/15)

What You Need to Know About Facebook’s Graph Search, The latest Facebook upgrade allows you to type a query into the search bar and find anyone, in any place, in real time. (1/15)

RIM Received Over 15,000 Apps Submissions In Two Days, RIM is offering some incentives to push developers to submit apps for the BlackBerry 10; two to five submissions gets developers a free Blackberry Playbook. More than five apps puts you up for a chance to receive a BlackBerry 10 Alpha smartphone. (1/15)

10 Apps To Get You Through This Flu SeasonStay in good health with these flu-monitoring mobile apps for iOS and Android. (1/16)

‘Temple Run 2’ Available on iOS Today, With the success of the original Temple Run this new version stands to gain the same mass popularity. (1/16)

The White House Will Now Require 100,000 Signatures to Answer Your Crazy Queries, The Obama Administration has quadrupled the number of petition signatures needed to get your voice heard. (1/16)

The 10 Types of People in Facebook Threads, What kind of email personality are you? Every thread has a character or two, see if you can figure out yours. (1/17)

The Producer of ‘2 girls 1 cup’ is Going to Prison, Fetish porn video producer Ira Isaacs is sentenced to four years in prison for obscenity charges. (1/17)

4chan Plotting to Get Rapper Lil B to the GrammysIn his short career, Lil B has attracted more than 600,000 Twitter followers and 80 million YouTube views, so clearly he's got a knack for social media. But whether 4chan can pull the stunt off remains to be seen. (1/17)

How Twitter Helped Manti Te'o's Girlfriend Seem Real, The Notre Dame football star may have pulled off the biggest Internet hoax of all time. (1/17)

Apple Is Hiring Writers to Make Siri More InterestingApple is on the hunt for creative writers to give the "intelligent assistant" a little oomph, or at least make her more personable. (1/18) 

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