Everything's a Sequel

Perpetrators: Pretty much every game publisher, Consumers

Worst Example: Resident Evil 6

Out of all the games shown at this year's E3, I could count on one hand the number of big-budget games with new IPs attached to them. The rest of the games were all sequels, sequels, sequels. This isn't a particularly new trend, but as we head towards the uncertain end of this generation of game systems, publishers are getting incredibly wary of investing in anything that doesn't already have an established customer base. This has lead to complete stagnation in the business where all we get are the same 20 or so games rehashed every other year and fed to us like cattle waiting at the troff. 

The publishers are only partly to blame though because every time a stellar new IP, full of hope and promise, gets released, the gaming community by and large ignores it in favor of yet another rote sequel. It's agonizing to the point where I've started treating every new IP like it's the last time I'll ever see it because odds are, when it comes to picking whether you're going to waste one of your limited game purchases for the year on something untested, you're going to play it safe and buy another gorram Resident Evil game.

The Solution: Customers, start buying some original games