Writer/Artist: Dan Clowes

Ghost World came out at the perfect time. In June 1993, America's pop culture landscape became populated by jaded teenagers listening to punk, and suddenly mainstream, music. This book perfectly epitomized that movement.

Ghost World centers on the lives of two girls, Rebecca and Enid, who spend most of the story wandering around mocking the society around them. Their indifference for others, coupled with their wariness over the prospect of growing up, struck a chord with the cynical youth of the time. Still, Clowes hits on such elemental problems that, even though we've thankfully moved away from the whole Generation X fiasco, there's still plenty here for modern-day readers to embrace.

Clowes' book challenges commercialism and culture head-on as Enid attempts to find meaning and purpose behind everything in life. Like we've all learned over time, those answers are never as fulfilling as we want them to be, but, fortunately, Clowes delivered a story with enough humor and heart to ultimately work.