Semiocast, a Paris-based research firm conducted a study of Twitter, and analyzed the most active cities on the social network. And the results of the study might actually surprise you.

Major metropolises like Los Angeles and Beijing did not take the crown; instead the honor was bestowed upon Jakarta (Indonesia) as Twitter's most active city. Following Jakarta was Tokyo, London, Sao Paulo, and New York.

This study reveals that users from Jakarta were the most active within all cities ranked by the number of posted tweets. Using Semiocast's technology, 27% of all public tweets were geo-localized at the city level. More than 2% of all these tweets were posted from the capital of Indonesia, witnessing the activity of Twitter in the country. Bandung, its second largest metropolitan area, ranks 6th.

The study also broke down countries with the most active Twitter accounts, and the United States led the way with over 140 million accounts. 

Did your hometown make the top 20 most active cities on Twitter? Find out by checking the full study from Semiocast here.

[via Forbes]