Is ordering a lot of pizza going to help improve the overall health of students in New York City? According to data from city Comptroller John Liu, the Department of Education is ordering a steadily increasing quantity of pizza for students. 

In 2012, public schools in New York made 1,756 orders to pizza places. That's a 73 percent increase over 2010 when 1,014 orders were placed, and a jump over 2011 when 1,536 orders were made. The deliveries are usually reserved for after school specials and similar events. 

The data provided by Liu did not include the amount of money spent on pizza, and some orders included additional items, such as the dreaded big soda. Apparently, the schools order so frequently that they get a special discount rate from some places. Robert Gaspari created a "school special" that includes a large pizza with a two liter soda for $12.50. 

With all of the fuss about the health concerns of large sodas, will the frequent orders of a food that—while adored—is high in both calories and fat lead to a pizza ban? Not likely.

[via NY Post]