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A Reddit user posted this photo, which shows a pesky raccoon who snuck into his Brooklyn apartment. "Don't really expect this kind of thing to happen to me in the middle of Brooklyn," said Bedford-Stuyvesant native Brandon McNeil

According to McNeil, he got an unexpected guest one night in October. Below is the harrowing account:

"We had the windows open with screens in. I was in another room when I noticed a loud bang from my bedroom. I thought my cat knocked something off a dresser so I went to see what happened. As I walked into the room my cat was at the door with his back arched, clearly scared. That's when I looked up to see what had happened and saw the intruder.

The raccoon and I looked at each other for a few seconds, and i started to wave my jacket at it. Then I started to yell at it. The raccoon seemed confused and wasn't moving for a while, but eventually turned around and walked back out the window.

McNeil says the raccoon instantly climbed the fire escape and tried to break into a neighbor's apartment. In the event that this should happen to you, call 311, but not before you snap a picture and upload it to the Internet.

[via Gothamist]