If you were hoping to leave the tablet wars in 2012, it looks light you may be out of luck. At CES yesterday, Polaroid made an unlikely entry into the field with two new tablets of its own, the M7 and the M10.

Like it's recently unveiled iM1836 smart camera, both tablets run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The M7 features a 7-inch display, while the M10, appropriately, steps things ups to 10 inches. The larger tablet also has a quad-core processor and 16 GB of internal storage, while the smaller is dual-core with 8 GB.

Polaroid is hoping to compete as a low-cost alternative in a crowded field that includes Apple, Google, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and virtually every other electronics company. As such, the two tablets are impressively cheap. The M7 will retail for $199, while the M10 will go for just $229. Expect them both to hit stores in the spring.

[via BGR]