Looks like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's baby won't be following in the Kardashian family's footsteps after all - at least not for a while. In a new interview on Live With Jimmy Kimmel, Kim divulged that she and Kanye had made the decision not to feature their child on any of the family's countless reality shows until they're old enough to decide for themselves.

"When the baby’s old enough, and he or she decides that’s what they want to do, then that’ll be their decision...from the start, we’re just gonna try to keep it as private as possible." Kim explained. "I love seeing [Kourtney's kids] Mason and Penelope on TV; Mason is like the highlight of our show, I think. So it’s a tough decision...but I think, as of now, that’s just, you know, a decision that Kanye and I made." 

Kim added that she and Kanye had also decided not to reveal the gender of the baby to the public prior to its birth, meaning we probably shouldn't expect a huge spread in Us Weekly sometime next month. Unless someone "leaks" it. Never change, guys!

You can check out the interview, featuring Kourtney as well, above.

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[via The Hollywood Reporter]