In The Master, Joaquin Phoenix gave us one of the most complex and visceral acting performances that we have seen in years. We’re not sure what chord director Paul Thomas Anderson struck with him, but the result was both fascinating and indescribable. And according to The Hollywood Reporter, Phoenix and Anderson might be eyeing a reunion in the upcoming adaptation of the Thomas Pynchon novel, Inherent Vice.

The site is reporting that Phoenix is currently in negotiations for the role after Robert Downey Jr. decided to pass on it. We’re assuming the role he is up for is that of Larry "Doc" Sportello – a private detective who is also pot fiend. The story centers on the return of his ex-girlfriend and a conspiracy of crimes that he soon gets himself involved in. The psychedelic ‘60s vibe alone is enough to make us believe this would be the perfect movie for the duo to reunite for. We'll have more on this story when/if it is confirmed that Phoenix has taken the role.

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