Appears In: "Welcome to Bushwick aka The Crackcident"

Believe it or not, the scope of this party might have been a bit understated when compared with reality. Recently, City Guide staffers went to a July 4 party in Bushwick that made this one look tiny. We shit you not: On the roof-covered in AstroTurf, natch-there was giant playground equipment made from recycled materials. People on all manner of narcotics were writhing to the DJ while balancing on make-shift rocking horses and see-saws. Above all of this, there was a crow's nest (like on a boat?), that people hung from, half-naked, brandishing sparklers. On one side of the roof, there were literally dozens of rows of grills. And on the other side there was a mini dog park for the residents. It was all right.

Verdict: Way Cooler Than It Is in Girls