Disney recently applied for a patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office that describes what appears to be a handheld gaming console with 3D and augmented reality capabilities. Yes, just like Nintendo's 3DS.

It even looks like the 3DS in the picture. The patent application describes "techniques for displaying content using an augmented reality device," with an "adjusted visual scene" that's "output for display on the augmented reality device." Basically, that's the augmented reality that the 3DS is capable of; point the device's camera at a real-world object, and it turns it into something else on the device's screen.


Obviously a patent application does not equal a real product by any means, but Disney's clearly up to something that they haven't let on yet. CNET speculates that this could have something to do with the "Toy Box" rumors that have been floating around. Do you think it might be related to "Disney Infinity" as well?

Either way, we'll likely know soon, as Disney's got a super secret event scheduled for Jan. 15.

[via CNET via neoGAF]