An "extremely violent" Bronx gang with a knack for posing as cops has been busted by the DEA after being led to believe they were robbing a heroin distribution ring on Wednesday. With the help of informants, the DEA  infiltrated the gang and convinced them to rob a heroin stash house while pretending to be police officers. 

The 16-member gang met up on Jan. 9 to execute the robbery, but were shocked when they were met by police. During an announcement about the bust, U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said: "As alleged, this was a marauding gang of armed and violent thieves in the Bronx who masqueraded as police officers in order to trick their narcotics-dealing targets so they could steal their drugs and their cash.

The gang's leader, 26-year-old Javion Camacho, allegedly said that he had been caught "red-handed" during his crew's arrest. During the bust, police say they found bogus police gear, such as tactical vests, a hydraulic battering ram and shirts that the gang used during robberies.

[via Gothamist]