It didn’t come as much of a surprise when we learned last week that J.J. Abrams’ production company was already planning a movie about the rise and fall of Lance Armstrong, and right when that news hit, cinephiles everywhere began to wonder who would be the perfect actor to tackle the role of the disgraced cyclist. Well it didn’t take long for the Hollywood elite to start publicly lobbying for the role, because in a recent interview with BBC, Bradley Cooper stated that he would be very interested in playing the part.

"I think he's fascinating. What a fascinating character,” he told the site. He added later on, "I remember thinking, that would be a great character, I'd love to play that character. I would love to do something, I think he's pretty fascinating."

It’s pretty obvious that Cooper is completely enamored with the idea of portraying Armstrong on the big screen. With the movie being produced by Abrams and distributed by Paramount, you can expect it to have an A-list cast and director. And, frankly, after his powerful performances as of late, Cooper would be perfect for the role. Only time will tell if he actually lands it.

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[via BBC News]