According to NASA, every 37,000 years or so, our dear planet Earth is in serious danger of being stuck by a large asteroid (one measuring over 250 meters). The average life expectancy for most people sits at 78 years according to 2011 preliminary figures from the Centers for Disease Control. If the statistics say we can live 474 lifetimes before ever encountering an asteroid attack, there's no reason to worry, right? Not exactly. Seeing as how a majority of our closest encounters happened over the past few decades many are beginning to question how much longer can Earth continue to avoid cosmic disaster.

Just last week, Astronomers spotted a 900-foot-wide asteroid called Apophis that's set to pass by Earth today. The good news: It'll miss us by 9 million miles or so. The bad news: There's a good chance it will circle back our way in 2036. But if the past has proven anything, it's that the odds have served in humanity's favor. So as you aim your telescope towards the sky, we recommend peeping this Recent History of Asteroids Nearly Destroying Earth