A forum user at Planet Virtual Boy recently posted about a "lost" Nintendo Virtual Boy game called NikoChan Battle (Faceball in the U.S.), and now the game is getting dumped onto a cartridge and released for the first time ever.

Yes, a new Virtual Boy game is actually being released. Just check out the video above—it looks, um, awesome. Yeah.

It sounds insane, but the game never actually saw the light of day. Super Nintendo and Game Boy versions were released, but Faceball for Virtual Boy was thought lost until now. And if you just have to have it (we know we do) you'll be able to purchase a reproduction copy in February for $100. Alternately, you can just download the ROM for free once they upload it.

Is there anyone out there who still owns a Virtual Boy? To be honest we've never even seen one in person.

[via Joystiq]