#8: Meta Knight

Series: Kirby
Debut: Kirby’s Adventure
Premise: Official Meta Knightmare Game

Complex Says: Meta Knight has developed quickly in a matter of years. When he debuted in Kirby’s Adventure, he was a nameless villain, but that was until Kirby’s Avalanche. He established the role of rival in the Revenge of the Meta Knight subgame in Kirby Super Star, and he has even taken on the hero role in his own subgame Meta Knightmare (where you play as Meta Knight in Kirby’s Nightmare in Dream Land) and Meta Knightmare Ultra (where you play as Meta Knight through the entire Kirby Super Star Ultra game with the exception of The Arena and Gourmet Race.) In popularity, Meta Knight has surpassed King Dedede.

No more subgames for Meta Knight. He’s earned his right to star in a game. His character has developed into Kirby’s rival that fights fights against Kirby honorably by giving Kirby a sword to fight with, but he also fights alongside Kirby when he senses a much greater threat. How many trial games can you give this guy? Meta Knightmare should be its own franchise.