Author: Randy Pausch
Released: 2008
Guaranteed to improve: Your realization of goals (Note: "Banging bitches" is not an acceptable goal.).

There are plenty of works of art out there imploring you to "live like you were dying," but Randy Pausch took that sentiment to the next level in The Last Lecture. After he discovered he was dying of pancreatic cancer, he decided to deliver his "Last Lecture" about how he achieved (and in some cases, humorously didn't achieve) his childhood dreams and how others might expect to do the same. Pausch's dreams ranged from becoming an Imagineer at Disney, to going into zero gravity, to "being one of the guys who won the big stuffed animals in the amusement park."

With the exception of his dream of becoming an NFL player, he achieved every one of his goals. He also discusses how he has enabled the dreams of others, which he felt was an experience just a rewarding as achieving his own dreams. If you want to cry like a bitch, feel free to watch Randy explain how his lecture and the book that followed were for an audience of three: his children, who he would not live to teach the lessons to in person.

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