As Seen In: The Blob (1988)

Unafraid of what most resembles a wad of raspberry jam gone horribly wrong? Just try to outrun it, as many of the victims in the 1958 cult classic The Blob do to no avail. The byproduct of a crashed alien meteor, the jelly-like substance attaches itself to people and swallows them whole, like an amoeba, all while slithering around town jamming to its own beautifully cheesy theme song, "Beware of the Blob," sung by who else but a group called the Five Blobs. That's scary for an entirely different reason.

In the '80s remake, the red mass got gnarlier, as evidenced by one scene in particular: A cook, working in a diner's dirty kitchen, reaches into the sink to unclog it when the blob shoots out of the drain, hugs his face, and pulls his entire body through the drain. Excruciating pain, anyone?