Diagnosed with cerebral pasly, William Washington is unable to walk, talk, or use his hands. But thanks to a special pointer he could relay messages with his iPhone. Washington's disability left him helpless when a heartless teenager snatched his iPhone from the tray of his wheelchair. 

Washington was waiting in the lobby of his Staten Island apartment building when the teenager ran off with his iPhone 3G. After contacting the NYPD via email and informing them of the robbery, footage from the building's ssurveillance cameras was used to identify 18-year-old Nakiem Sanders, a fellow resident of the apartment building, as the culprit. 

Unfortunately, Washington's phone was not recovered. Sanders claimed to no longer have it after being apprehended. On a positive note, some of Washington's friends came together and purchased him a new phone. 

IPhones, along with other mobile devices of Apple's product line, have been a point of interest for thieves in New York. Since the beginning of 2012 Apple thefts have increased by 40 percent in New York. 

[via CNET]