As Jax Teller, the conflicted club president and heir to the throne, Charlie Hunnam consistently delivers a multi-faceted performance that evolves alongside Jax's growing cynicism and ice-cold execution, and he's aced it on every level. The thing is, his day-job as SAMCRO bossman hasn't left the English actor with much free time to appear in other projects during the interim, so the uninitiated who aren't up on the series are mostly unaware of his leading man talent.

He's consistently stepped up as the show's lead, hitting an Emmy-deserving peak in the third season, which found Jax in a constant state of agony and rage during a arc that centered around his son's kidnapping. If Fx had just submitted the episode "Bainne" to Emmy voters—that arc's excellent conclusion which found Jax seriously considering whether he deserves to raise a child amidst the violent life he leads—he would've been a lock for an Outstanding Lead Actor nomination. Or so we'd hope—considering how Hunnam is still without a single nomination, the Emmys are flawed.